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New Territory – Marco.org

I've played around with Xcode a few times and built the odd 'App', I've never experienced the restrictions Marco refers to, as I've never taken an app to market. My aim is to now accomplish that, whether utilising the new features of iOS 8 or not.

I think the introduction of Swift has made this aim all the more possible. Swift is fresh, new, exciting, well documented and yet familiar. I feel like Swift has put me at an advantage, I can strike whilst the iron has been reheated . Objective-C ya later, Hello Swift!

New Territory – Marco.org

The first amazing, forehead-smacking innovations with iOS 8 won’t come from us: they’ll come from people who are coming to iOS development from this point forward, never having known a world without the old restrictions.

It’s a great time to be an iOS developer.

I'm working my through the WWDC Session Videos and the Swift guide, I'd like to spend the next three months working on an app to bring to market with the iOS 8 launch. So far I'm understanding the basic and intermediate syntax and still learning the advance.

I'm looking forward to my time as an iOS developer, and the Emoji...

var catdog = "🐱🐶"

My WWDC keynote streaming tips, having never streamed one before, except a few of those 'special' events.

You're going to be very understandable excited for the WWDC live stream, we all are, but you should know a few things before you settle in to watch it. Here is what I've learned to expect from previous keynotes.

Have as many devices prepared to stream as possible. You'll want to be in front of your Apple TV with your MacBook on your lap and iPad beside you. One of the devices is bound to lag and then you're 30 seconds behind everyone else, oh bother!

Be on time for the keynote. There will be some pre-show shots of the stage, audience and you get to listen to Apple's WWDC playlist before Tim takes stage. I hear the playlist is curated by Beats this year

Have a device free to Tweet from. You're going to want to tweet everything! And retweet everyone else tweeting everything! This event is your World Cup, vuvuzela the hell out of it.

Be prepared to be awe stricken. The keynote will likely open with an inspiring video about Apple's philosophy. Expect lots of shapes.

Complain about the App Store updates. You came here for iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, who cares about app sales anyway? Then tweet about how Apple is dominating the market place.

Take a toilet break when Tim suggests we watch a retail store clip. If you've seen one Apple store you've seen them all, right?

Build anticipation as Tim discusses OS X adoption rates. It's nearly time... Ready that tweeting hand.

Be underwhelmed when the leaks have nailed it. "Seen this!", Yawn. Still, tweet excitement and hit CMD+R on the dev portal.

Feel the downside to not taking that toilet break as Craig finishes up. I told you to take it.

Draft tweets of controversial quotes from Phil. He's bound to deliver a smackdown again.

Prepare to explode with excitement. iOS 8 is revealed, much iOS, so 8, very health. CMD+R on the dev portal, get that beta!

Tweet incessantly about "One More Thing". It's gonna be the iWatch, no the Apple TV Set, no it's MacBook Air Retina. Oh It's iCloud storage updates... #wwwtf

Set yourself a few auto respond iMessages. You're gonna be contacted by everyone you know about iOS 8. Here are some handy auto-replies:

  • I don't know when it'll be out for everyone.
  • No you can't have a beta.
  • Because you'll complain when your phone doesn't work.
  • Yes you will!
  • Please leave me alone.

(Note: you can only choose three).

Have a Happy WWDC and credit to Marco for the inspiration.

Daring Fireball: WWDC 2014 Prelude

I can't help but think that Apple was so up against it last year with the iOS 7 development; remember they had to pull people off OS X 10.9, that they must have left some 'big' features out that we'll see in iOS 8.

iOS 8 could just be a lot of little improvements — the iOS equivalent of a Leopard / Snow Leopard or Lion / Mountain Lion release

WWDC Predictions Part 2

Tim Cook

  • Announces 100 Million Trillion App Downloads
  • Graph depicting dominance over the competition. Drops Mic
  • Glazes over iTunes purchase shrinkage. "Look what we bought though..."
  • Introduces Dr Dre as "Still Tim Cook and D.R.E".

Craig Federighi

  • Makes a joke about skeuomorphism when introducing the updated Reminders app "Deal with it Scott".
  • Point to audience member, whilst affirming applause.
  • Hair.

Jony Ive

  • Will only appear via the all new HoloChat. "Help me Craig Federighi, you're my only hope".

Phil Schiller

  • "Can't make big purchases anymore, my arse".

WWDC Predictions



I don't know California, I don't know the locations but I think Yosemite sounds nice. It's probably not going to be called Yosemite.

What's New?

  • OS X to iOS AirDrop
  • Design changes, to bring it closer to iOS 7 in UX and appearance.
  • Mail App Improvements
  • Siri support


I think iOS 7 was a great UI and design direction and I don't think that's going to change much. Long live iOS 7 design (until iOS 14).


iOS 8

What's New?

  • Better management of the Notification Centre. Replace 'Missed' with something new.
  • Split Screen multitasking on the iPad
    • Inter-app communication. Drag and Drop files between apps
  • Offline Siri support
  • Siri Shazam song matching
  • Third Party Touch ID support. Probably starting with selected partners
  • Popover Modal for iMessage/SMS Messages. Reply to messages anywhere
  • Healthbook app
  • iTunes Radio App
  • Improved Remote Application for possible new Apple TV OS

Apple TV OS

It's the perfect time to announce an all new and improved Apple TV OS, especially if the OS has third party app support.


  • Spotlight Search
  • Smart Widget (Reminder, Weather, Stocks) essentially the 'Today' pane of the Notification Centre
  • App Store
  • New UI and improved UX


One of these updates might be announced, but it's very unlikely.

Apple TV

New hardware to support possible OS update.

MacBook Air (Retina Announced)

What it says on the tin.

Mac Mini

It's overdue.

Apple - Press Info - Apple to Acquire Beats Music & Beats Electronics

Hopefully it comes to the UK come Monday and Spotify might just have some competition...

The addition of Beats will make our music lineup even better, from free streaming with iTunes Radio to a world-class subscription service in Beats, and of course buying music from the iTunes Store as customers have loved to do for years.

The official website for comparing UK higher education course data - Unistats

Great API I recently discovered, useful for anyone programming in the education sector, implemented it into an application for work over the weekend.

Includes official data for undergraduate courses on each university and college's satisfaction scores in the National Student Survey, jobs and salaries after study and other key information for prospective students.